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Take a Decision-Based Logistics Approach

Logistics engineering involves making a series of decisions. Generally, these decisions can be framed as answers to questions covering the "who, what, where, when, why, and how" of product support. Following this link takes you to our hierarchial process for identifying these decisions.

Browse Logistics Elements

Loggies often refer to Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) elements. There are 10 traditionally-recognized ILS elements. More recently, the Department of Defense has expanded the list to 12 and has updated the title. Following this link takes you to a page organized by logistics element.

Look up Acronyms

The Logistics Engineering field is rife with acronyms. Following this link takes you to a page that spells out many acronyms related to the field.

Search the Wiki

Perform a free-form text search by using "search" box on the sidebar or click here.

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