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General Help

This site is created with Media Wiki software, most commonly associated with Wikipedia. You can use the Media Wiki User's Guide for more information on using the Wiki software.

Adding Content Pages

The content on this site is loosely structured on content classes. In Wiki terms, a content class is defined in a template. The parameters in the template define the data in the content class; the template itself defines the format in which those data will be displayed.

DBL content classes include:

Other content classes may be added as necessary.

It is highly recommended, although not required, that site content be entered by referencing the appropriate content class.

The first step in creating a new content page is to choose the appropriate type of class (Document, Method, etc.). The format for writing the page is as followers:


|PARAMETER_1= text

|PARAMETER_2= text



The paramters for each template can be found on the template pages. For an example, simply click edit on any content page and see how it was created.

Here is one example: MIL-STD-1390D

Here is a blank document you can copy: _Blank Document

For more information about templates in MediaWiki, see the MediaWiki Template Help Page.

Editing Tricks

When working on the Wiki, there are a few tricks you need to know. To make text bold or italicized, or to create links, you'll be using wiki "markup." Don't worry--it's not complicated and, for some markup, you have a toolbar! There are just a few bits of code you'll be using again and again:

  • To start a new paragraph, skip down two lines. Skipping down one line has no effect; it will look the same as a space.
  • To make text bold, put three single quotation marks around it: '''bold'''
  • To italicize text, use two single quotes: ''italicized text''
  • To link to a page within the Wiki, surround the text to be linked with double brackets: [[link]]
  • To make a link that points to an article that is different from the text of the link, use a "pipe," or vertical bar: [[Link Name|Text that appears]]
  • To start a new section, mark the section title like this, using equals signs (on a new line, flush left): == My new section ==
  • To start a subsection, mark the subsection title like this (flush left): === My new sub-section === (Sections and sub-sections are also called "headings.")
  • To make a bulleted list, precede a list item with * and make sure it's flush left (on a new line): * My bullet point
  • To make a numbered list, use #, like this: # My numbered point, also flush left (on a new line).

For more editing tricks visit this link.

If you see some formatting you'd like to replicate, just click the "edit" button to see how it's done. Visit Editing Help for all there is to know about editing.

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