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Product support is enabled by the IPS elements, which provide a structured and integrated framework for managing product support and are evolved from the traditional Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) elements. The IPS elements include product support management, design interface, sustaining engineering, supply support, maintenance planning and management, Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation (PHS&T), technical data, support equipment, training and training support, manpower/personnel, facilities and infrastructure, and computer resources. The differences between the 10 integrated logistics support elements and the 12 product support elements are the addition of what is called "product support management" and "sustaining engineering", as well as important terminology changes for several of the others, including "maintenance planning" expanding to become "maintenance planning and management", "computer resources support" expanding to become "computer resources", and "facilities" expanding to become "facilities and infrastructure". The following definitions are derived from the Product Support Manager Guidebook.

The IPS Elements


Design Interface

Design Interface is the integration of the quantitative design characteristics of systems engineering (reliability, maintainability, etc.) with the functional logistics elements i.e., integrated product support elements). This element reflects the driving relationship of system design parameters to product support resource requirements.

Sustaining Engineering

This effort spans those technical tasks (engineering and logistics investigations and analyses) to ensure continued operation and maintenance of a system with managed (i.e., known) risk. This element involves the identification, review, assessment, and resolution of deficiencies throughout a system's life cycle.

Supply Support

Supply Support consists of all management actions, procedures, and techniques necessary to determine requirements to acquire, catalog, receive, store, transfer, issue and dispose of spares, repair parts, and supplies.

Maintenance Planning & Management

Maintenance Planning establishes maintenance concepts and requirements for the life of the system for both hardware and software.

Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation

The combination of resources, processes, procedures, design, considerations, and methods to ensure that all system, equipment, and support items are preserved, packaged, handled, and transported properly, including environmental considerations, equipment preservation for the short and long storage, and transportability.

Technical Data

This represents recorded information of scientific or technical nature, regardless of form or character (such as equipment technical manuals and engineering drawings), that provide the instructions for operation and maintenance of a system.

Support Equipment

This consists of all equipment (mobile or fixed) required to support the operation and maintenance of a system.

Training & Training Support

This consists of the policy, processes, procedures, techniques, Training Aids Devices Simulators and Simulations (TADSS), planning and provisioning for the training base including equipment used to train civilian and military personnel to acquire, operate, maintain, and support a system.

Manpower and Personnel

This involves the identification and acquisition of personnel (military and civilian) with the skills and grades required to operate, maintain, and support systems over their lifetime.

Facilities & Infrastructure

This consists of the permanent and semi-permanent real property assets required to support a system, including studies to define types of facilities or facility improvements, location, space needs, environmental and security requirements, and equipment.

Computer Resources

This encompasses the facilities, hardware, software, documentation, manpower, and personnel needed to operate and support mission critical computer hardware/software systems.

Product Support Management

Plan, manage, and fund weapon system product support across all Integrated Product Support (IPS) Elements.


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