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Life Cycle Logistics Phases

There are several tools available from commercial and government sources designed to assist users with performing various logistics functions. LMI conducted a research effort aimed at identifying some of these tools and presenting them in a way that would assist the logistics engineer with their search.

This page first presents the life cycle phases recognized by the Department of Defense (DoD) and some of the tools designed for each phase. Some of the tools have capability across numerous life cycle phases and, for that reason, are listed multiple times.

Second, LMI gathered a list of relevant logistics functions and resorted the list of tools according to the functions they satisfy.

Readers of this page are encouraged to first consider, which life cycle phase or logistics function they're interested in exploring and then the tools listed under that phase.

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Life Cycle Phases

Materiel Solution Analysis Phase

Technology Development Phase

Engineering & Manufacturing Development Phase

Production & Deployment Phase

Reliability Growth Tracking Model - Continuous (RGTMC)

Operations & Support Phase

Reliability Growth Tracking Model - Continuous (RGTMC)

Logistics Functions

Maintenance Data Collection, Management, and Utilization

Reliability Growth Tracking Model - Continuous (RGTMC)

Reliability Growth Tracking

Reliability Growth Tracking Model - Continuous (RGTMC)

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