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Welcome to LogEWiki -- LMI’s LOGistics Engineering Wiki! This is the wiki for "loggies."

What is Logistics Engineering?

Logistics engineering is the process of planning the life-cycle support of a system. Whereas product engineering is the process of designing the materials, components, physical configuration, and operation of a system, logistics engineering determines how that system will be kept operational once fielded. Product engineering and logistics engineering are subsets of the broader field of systems engineering. In the government sector, logistics engineering is often referred to as acquisition logistics.

Purpose. Our goals with this site are to enable those procuring or using systems to write better logistics support requirements and those developing systems to create better logistics support plans. We have several objectives that support these goals. First, many logistics engineering resources exist today. A key objective is to unify these resources and to clarify the relationships among them. Another objective is to put the field's extensive logistics jargon into context of the important decisions, inputs, tools, and methods the logistics engineer faces. A third objective is to improve the overall quality of logistics engineering information by identifying redundancies in resources, obsolete resources, and gaps in guidance to the logistics engineer. Our final objective is to encourage career development and entry into the field by creating a framework that can be adapted to training. Our goal and objectives transcend any one organization or sector. We therefore are making this framework available as a wiki to encourage the logistics community to comment and contribute.

Decision-Based Logistics Engineering

Decision-Based Logistics™ (DBL™) is LMI's conceptual framework for defining logistics engineering requirements and planning logistics engineering tasks. DBL™ helps the logistics engineer focus on decisions one must make to design product support, and the sequence in which those decisions most commonly occur. DBL™'s hierarchical structure makes it easy to understand the overall context as well as the detailed decisions required in logistics engineering.

Step 1:SpecifyStep 2:AnalyzeStep 3:DesignStep 4:VerifyStep 5:ImplementLogengad.png
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